As the pandemic restrictions are lifted on July 1st, 2021, Mark Pardo SalonSpa will continue to follow CDC guidelines regarding face masks, as mandated by the governor.

According to the Governor’s Press Release dated June 18, 2021:

“The state will continue to follow CDC guidance with respect to face-coverings: Masks will remain required for unvaccinated individuals […]”

To read the complete press release, click here

If you are fully vaccinated, you are not required to wear a mask in our stores. Team members who wish to not wear face coverings will show proof of vaccination to their Team Leader. However, team members may still wear a face covering if they wish, even if fully vaccinated.

If you are not comfortable with your service provider not wearing a mask, you may request that they wear one.

We will continue to keep the higher standards of sanitation, as well as asking guests and service providers to sanitize their hands prior to any services.