Fashion Colors and Hair Trends

Hair trends emerge and flow within the fashion industry, but why do some never seem to go away? In the 90’s we saw the first big wave of “punk rock” colors, bold and bright primary colors and since then the desire for unnatural hair shades has grown both in popularity and acceptance in mainstream culture. Today, we can recreate any color on the color wheel on your hair. If a full head of rainbows isn’t your thing though, don’t fret! There are several ways to add some rainbow to your hair color.

You may be surprised to find out you don’t need to lighten your whole head to achieve the color of your dreams. There are many techniques available today that involve lightening in strategic placements, or just a few strands of hair that can make a huge impact. Even brunettes can have fashion colors, although you may want to consider that the lighter your hair is, the brighter the color will be. Whether you are a brunette, a natural blonde, or has balayage or highlighted hair, there are quick ways to add some color to your life.


Glossing treatment – This service consists of a clear shining base which you can customize with any tone. It is going to add shine to your hair and deposit color, and it can be easily added to your regular color appointment if you already have some blond in your hair. You will achieve a sheer and shiny color ranging from intense to pastel depending on your hair color and what your stylist suggests.





Perfect toner – This is going to allow more time for your stylist to work with your hair and do some more detailed work. The service can be added to any blonding appointment it allows time to create a color melt look to your blend tresses or add multiple colors.






All over lightening + perfect toner – Keep in mind that if you have dark hair, this process may take more than 1 session. We understand that sometimes when we get the “urge” to change our hair, it can be frustrating to realize that it can’t be done in an only appointment. Nevertheless, always trust your stylist, they have the health of your hair at their utmost concern. Lightening hair will cause damage no matter what, but you can counteract it with services such as a botanical therapy treatment and the right strengthening products. Ultimately, having an all blonde canvas will give you the freedom to create the rainbow hair of your dreams. The appointment time will depend greatly on your hair length, density, and condition.


Vomor extension appointment – The pricier route for someone who wants a pop of color without the commitment. Add up to 4 panels (or more) of these comfortable tape in extensions for a no bleach fashion color.

Any unicorn tribe member can tell you that your hair care routine is as valuable as your stylist. The way you take care of your colored locks will strongly influence the longevity of your color and condition of your hair. We always recommend washing no more than two to three times a week and using a dry shampoo in between washes. When you do wash, a sulfate free or color safe shampoo like Aveda Color Conserve or Be curly co-wash with cool water is going to minimize fading. Last but not least, never use hot tools set higher than 300°, the heat will literally make the color vanish before your eyes.

Rainbow hair is here to stay! Book a complimentary consultation with your stylist to find out how you can add some rainbow into your hair!