How we #MakeTheWorldGlitter

Recently we took on one of our most, crafty, photoshoots to date. 

Every year, the entire Aveda network takes on a challenge. Raise, as much funds and awareness we can for “Earth Month.” Now, for Earth Month we focus both globally and locally. Identifying everything from local wildlife conservation, to the global impact of having clean water.

Aveda has been able to raise fifty million dollars for clean water since 1999 and wanted to celebrate. To honor the efforts of our guests, Aveda offered 20% off any product purchase from June 1-5, 2017.

To get the word out we wanted to celebrate too. Since, as a whole, we have been able to make a positive change in our community and the world. We wanted to highlight how we have “Made the World Glitter.” Thus our theme was born.

Three bags of glitter, and two bags of streamers later. We created a unique way for us to celebrate this monumental accomplishment online. Together we have made the world glitter.