5 Reasons Aveda’s NEW Color Line Outshines The Rest

It’s your time to shine with Aveda’s new fade-resistant color line! We’re thrilled to announce Aveda’s new and improved Full Spectrum Vegan Treatment Hair Color has finally graced our color bar … and we’re obsessed. Here’s a sneak peek at the future of hair color—and what you can expect during your next salon visit:

1. Repair and dramatically reduce breakage.

You no longer need to compromise your hair’s health for amazing color! Many top color lines are formulated with harsh chemicals that can dry and damage locks, reduce hair thickness, cause split ends, and result in dull color that quickly fades. However, Aveda’s new color line takes green chemistry to a new level for hair that is manageable and soft.

2. Enhance condition and shine for luscious color.

Aveda color is more conditioning than ever. Formulated with a new protective botanical oil blend of certified organic sacha inchi oil, avocado oil and baobab oil, this new line features sustainably sourced ingredients with 20% more weightless oils for enhanced condition and shine.

3. Enjoy longer-lasting color between salon visits.

Average color fades, but Aveda color lasts longer than ever before. This new line is formulated for enhanced color penetration—even on stubborn reds—for a rich, opaque color that lasts longer between appointments.

4. Explore infinite shades on an expanded palette.

With more precisely calibrated shades than ever before, your Mint on the Avenue colorist can blend shades that are uniquely perfect for you. Consult with them to discuss the colors that best complement your skin tone, preferences and lifestyle to find your perfect color match—every time.

5. Discover a multi-sensory experience with a nourishing Pure-fume aroma of certified organic essential oils.

Ahh, smells like Aveda! Color appointments are now a fresh, vibrant and aromatic experience with Aveda’s Pure-fume aroma. For an artfully blended and balanced scent, the color line is created with high-impact certified organic essential oils such as clove, lime, orange, and peppermint.

Pro Tip 1: Upgrade your service with a Botanical Repair Professional Color Treatment for stronger and silky smooth locks.

Aveda’s new Full Spectrum Hair Color is formulated in synergy with the Botanical Repair Professional Color Treatment, resulting in 5x stronger hair for every guest and every shade. By instantly transforming damaged hair into strong, soft, visibly smooth, and shiny locks, you can get the gorgeous, radiant color you love without sacrificing your luscious locks.

Pro Tip 2: Take home this product to boost color and shine between appointments.

Enhance color, vibrancy and shine with Aveda’s NEW Color Renewal Color and Shine Treatment! Available in four color-boosting shades, this at-home collection is formulated with shea butter and fruit oil, adding richness and luster to both color-treated and untreated hair.

From cool blonde to warm brown, every shade can be salon- fresh—100% of the time. Shop this product on our online store here.

Ready to lock in your next color experience? Call 505.298.2983 to reserve your appointment, or request an appointment online here.

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