Tulasara Awakening Ritual

The trend, right now, is focusing on preservation. Not only in the environment around us but also ourselves. There are serval techniques and routines coming to the surface that focus on preserving the skin. Aveda has introduced a new skin care line that is focused on just that,  Tulasara which is Sanskrit for “moving toward balance”.

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“It’s important to let go, calm down, and get grounded. We need to listen to ourselves. When one becomes aware that our present-moment thoughts are not productive, one should simply let them go. Change a negative thought to a positive one.” – Horst Rechelbacher

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Meet our Mark Pardo SalonSpa EDo Team : Jay

A few weeks ago we were honored to hold our Grand Opening event at our Mark Pardo EDo location. Thank you, to all who have supported us and encouraged our growth!
To celebrate, we would like to share some snapshots of one of our talented EDo stylists, Jay. He created a stunning look on our gorgeous guest Pamela.
Pamela, a new guest to our EDo location was kind enough to let us follow the process of her hair transformation. And we couldn’t be more in love with her look! #HairFlip

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2016 Photo Shoot Day 2

There is no energy quite like a photo shoot energy. There can be a lot of time waiting…waiting for the models, waiting on hair and makeup to completed.

Once the photographer starts clicking the camera however the energy is electric. Everyone is moving. There isn’t quite moment to be found. It’s exhilarating to watch so many talented individuals coming together to create.

Here at Mark Pardo SalonSpa we are incredibly excited to be able to share with you everything that our Mark Pardo Creative Team has been able to accomplish this year.


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NAHA Photoshoot 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 10.45.46 AM

Today, our Mark Pardo SalonSpa Creative Team, 37 people in total, have come together after months of planning to kick of the first of a 3 day photo shoot.

In the next few days our team, will be photographing our entry into NAHA 2016, and much more.

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