What’s New This Fall

Who doesn’t love a fab new look?  No one, that’s who! Aveda is proud to present the new Aveda Vibrants, and we here at Mark Pardo are in love! ♡

Swatches of the Aveda Vibrants colors

Aveda Vibrants are the new semi-permanent fashion colors with a gorgeous set of 11 new customizable colors: Azalea – a popping pink; Raspberry – a beautiful berry; Poppy – a true rocking red; Tangerine – the name says it all; Daffodil – a sweet Summer yellow; Emerald – a rich earthy green; Lagoon – a dark sultry teal; Cobalt – a fun electric blue; Iris – a deep, rich purple.

Each of these colors, along with our customizable charcoal and clear, create and open a whole new world of fantastic color possibilities!

Questions you might have:

So what is semi permanent? A semi permanent color is a hair color that does not permanently attach to the hair, but rather, it stains the hair for immediate, intense results that will wash out over a period of time. Typically if cared for it will last around 1 to 2 months.How do you care for your fashion color? For best results wash mainly in cool water (less than 3 times a week) with a color conserving shampoo and conditioner. Use minimal heat; this includes blow dryers, curling and flattening irons, and any other type of hot tool. If you choose to use heat on your hair, make sure that you use a heat protectant first and keep your tools at a maximum of 350°F. It may take longer for you to curl or straighten, but your hair and new color will thank you.

Model with bright pink hair

What else is new?

Vegan lipsticks from Aveda

Aveda has re-released all of their lipsticks as vegan friendly, containing no animal product (such as beeswax) on the same fantastic colors. Along with these, Aveda has also released 7 new lip glosses and 7 new matte finish liquid lipsticks known as Color Balms. These new glosses have a nourishing and deliciously plumping effect going for the Fall pouty lips look. The color balm nourishes your lips with a rich creamy texture and vibrant colors that stays on all day.

Sap Moss shampoo and conditioner

Finally, if you haven’t heard, here’s the word: Aveda’s long past love, Sap Moss shampoo and conditioner are back and better than ever. A lightweight, high impact moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that is great for fine hair that needs a little extra love and care. Or for anyone that wants up to a proven 80% of moisture boost after first use. With a natural earthy scent (that personally reminds me of home) you’ll love the effect Sap Moss will have on your hair and your hair will love you for it! ♡Contact your stylist for more information about any of our new treats! Or stop by any Mark Pardo location to try it for yourself with a blowout or makeup application!

Stay beautiful darlings,

Brittany @hairbybumble